Aerial Trek

Suspended between the Earth and the sky, you'll find a superb treetop adventure.

Test your agility, nerve and balance on our routes and zip lines, and enjoy that energising adrenaline rush !

NEW! Yellow course: Very easy course designed for smaller children, including 12 challenges.
(minimum size: 1m)

Green course: easy course made up of eight challenges and a zip wire
(minimum size: 1.20m)

Blue course: medium level of difficulty made up of nine challenges and a zip wire. This course includes the following features:
- Trublue Mobile : soft jump with horizontal movement.
- Saut Trublue : soft jump from a height of six metres and at a speed of two metres per second.
(minimum size: 1.30m)

Red course: difficult course made up of 11 challenges and seven zip wires. This course includes the following features:
- Tyro/Saut : fast jump down a steep 45° incline.
- Tyro Express : very steep zip wire with a braking system at the finish.
- Quick jump of nine metres with a ripcord (jump with 3.5-metre free fall at the start).
(minimum size: 1.50m)



For the use of the Treetop course, you are asked to sign a liability waiver on site. Parents must sign for any minor children. If your teenage children are planning to go without an adult, you can download the waiver in advance below.



CHF 25.-

from 15 years old

Adults group

CHF 20.-

from 10 people


CHF 15.-

Children group

CHF 10.-

from 10 people

For two hours entry


    • All equipment required (harness
      and helmet) is supplied by the
      Verbier aerial walkway team.
    • The four courses provide increasing
      levels of difficulty and are at different
      heights depending upon the level.
    • Self-belaying system in place
      (one carabiner always locked).
    • Refreshments available on-site.
  • The starting points of the walkway
    are in Médran, behind the Place Blanche.

  • Wednesdays & weekends, 04.06 – 03.07: 
    10:00 – 18:00 
    Every day, 04.07 – 28.08:
    10:00 – 18:00 
    Wednesdays and weekends, 31.08 – 23.10:
    10:00 – 18:00